Elf Global has chosen markets where there already are, or soon will be, a huge projected deficit in energy available relative to demand. We are especially interested in countries that are new to the renewable energy revolution because it will allow ELF to be a path breaker in the country and assist local law makers with policy structure and development.

To this effect the ELF team has already developed an initial dialogue with multilateral and bilateral agencies. ELFis also lobbying, in the near term, for regulation that will provide for private development and ownership of mini-grids in Africa. While the actual availability of power is an issue that hampers development in Africa, the continent has a large deficit of electric grids.

Today’s smart-grid technology and renewable energy technologies permit decentralized development of small grids and power supply allowing ELF to develop smart-grids in underdeveloped areas and supply power to towns or cities or industrial areas eventually fulfil ELF’s goal of becoming an IPP. Currently ELF has a pipeline of over 300 MW in East and West Africa (see map). and is investigating projects in the Caucuses.

Elf is also investigating wind projects in Kenya and mini hydro projects in East Africa. Currently ELF is also developing a 200 kw biogas pilot in Uganda in partnership with the Ministry for Energy.

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  • 500

    MW of pipeline
  • 9

    Over 9 countries
  • 20

    Critical mass potential > 20MW
  • 24

    >24mnth to shovel ready status